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Before you can get people to pay attention to a song, you need to get them to pay attention to you. When you work with In Fx Ent, we make sure you and your music always land in the right place at the right time—every time. To schedule a meeting with our agents and representatives, contact our creative family at (917) 645-6830 today.

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Every Songwriter Can Benefit from the Help of an Artist Management Team

Like the old song goes, it’s the singer, not the song. People don’t just want a great song they want a singer with a great story and a great image. They want a persona they can identify the song with, and a persona they themselves, can identify with, too.

While you might have the songs and the story, there is still the issue of getting people to take notice. If you have a great song, you’re already halfway there. That song still needs to find its audience. And finding an audience is something we can help you with.

Our Full-Service Talent Agency: Because It Takes a Village

We are a music production and talent agency that collaborates with industry professionals and artists from all over North America.

Founded by leading music industry veterans IPhree, Al G, and Rob Steel, we’ve long since established ourselves as passionate and client-focused artist representatives and producers. In the past, our founders have worked with Orion Pictures, Warner Bros., Virgin Records, and Capitol Music Group, as well as artists like Snoop Dogg, Jodeci, King Kirk, and many others.

Our in-house recording studios have first-class caliber producers and session musicians who have collaborated with greats like Ravi Coltrane, Biggie Smalls, and Winton Marsalis. And that’s not to mention any of the Grammy Awards sitting on their mantles, either.

Music Promotion Services: You Create the Song, and We Get It on the Charts

All you need is one great song or a whole lot of passion and dedication for us to believe in you. When we see that you have that, we’ll be ready to do anything for you.

A Music Marketing Company Who Focuses on Long-Term Investments

We’re interested in nurturing our artists. We want them to grow and evolve under our wing. We know that success doesn’t come overnight, and we don’t expect that of you either.

Music Management: We Make Room for Your Music

There are a lot of cynical people out there who will tell you that the music industry is too crowded for any new blood. While that might be true, that doesn’t mean your song can’t convince the industry to make room for you.

If you have a great song, anything’s possible.

Artist Promotion: Save Your Energy for the Songs, We’ll Focus on the Sales

If you’ve already written a great song, you’re lightyears ahead of most in the music world. All you need now is a team who can help get that song in the headphones of every listener out there. That’s where we come in. To schedule a visit to our studios, contact us at (917) 645-6830 today.

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