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Hi we’re IN-FX-ENT, a music production/entertainment company based on the cusp of Mount Vernon & the North East Bronx, NY. Our main base is music production, songwriting, composing and remixing. We also do promotions, graphics, photos, videos, and photo & video editing. We write play and produce all of our own music, we also DJ and remix our own songs as well as others.

We have worked with and continue to work with great artist & songwriters and the list of great talent is long such as the #1 Pop/Dance sensation Pajama Party better known for their hit singles “Yo No Se” “Over and Over” “Hide and Seek” and “Got my Eyes on You” we co-wrote their pop/dance single “One Night” composed with their founder/ songwriter Co-Producer Peggy Sendars. We also worked with Peggy Sendars Pop/Dance group Double Devotion on their single “Don’t Wanna Lose You” and others.

We have also worked with Reggae/Pop/Singer/Songwriter sensation Audrey Hall better known for her hit singles “One Dance Won’t Do” “ Eight Little Notes” and “One Dance”. We co-wrote and composed several great Reggae Pop songs with Audrey Hall such as her Reggae Pop Dance singles “Filled With Confusion” “Irie I” “Genie In A Bottle” “Look Into My Eyes” “Down Easy” and others, soon to be released.

There’s also the Reggae/Pop/Singer/Songwriter Francis John Henry from the duo Branches, who has written and sang vocal harmonies on several hit songs for Reggae Stars Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff among other Reggae Stars, he’s also done many great performances. We’ve co-written & produced some great Reggae/Pop songs with Francis “Dungeon” “Children of Jah” “King of Kings” “Live Together” and others, soon to be released.

Cleevie D Ragga Soca singer/rapper/songwriter born & raised in Trinidad became a well known soccer star for Trinidad in which he went on to travel the world playing soccer for his country helping them to win many trophies and titles. That excitement lead him to become the energetic ragga singer/rapso entertainer he is now. Cleevie attacks a song with the same vigor he used while playing soccer. He roars like a lion when he lays his vocal tracks and rides the rhythm like a percussionist. Here are some of the great songs we’ve recorded with Cleevie “Hot” “Run Come” “Wine Wine Wine” among others soon to be released.

RTJ also known as Robert Taylor Jr the very talented Pop/R&B singer songwriter dancer choreographer who has performed in Broadway & off Broadway plays. He’s also performed and opened up for Rihana and other popular entertainers. RTJ has also performed & won many open mic competitions. RTJ is a very exciting artist and an ingenious songwriter who writes killer melodies, and he’s captured the attention of so many from NY to Poland where he performs on a regular. You can find many of RTJ’s music & videos on Spotify & YouTube. Here are some exciting Pop/R&B singles we are working on with RTJ “Get Em Girl” “You” and others, soon to be released. RTJ followed the footsteps of his very talented Dad Robert Taylor who is a singer/songwriter with a few very popular hits of his own. We’ll get back to you soon about his Dad’s accomplishments.

Maxx Mosy is also a very talented soulful Pop/R&B/Soul/Latin singer and ingenious songwriter better known for his catchy melodic soulful melodies harmonies & ad-libs. Maxx has performed all over the country and is celebrating success from the release of his latest hit singles “Limelight” & “Commotion” among his other hot releases which you can find on Spotify & YouTube. You can also expect to here Maxx Mosy’s hot singles “All I Need” “Betrayed” “Get Away” featuring Maxx Mosy & Papa Keen among the other hot songs we’ve recorded with Maxx.

There’s also the incredible Papa Keen the very talented Reggae Dancehall Singer/Rapper/Songwriter who has some great material playing in JA and other Caribbean Islands. Papa Keen has grabbed the attention of the many who have heard his fast staccatic rhythmic flow. Papa Keen is definitely a lyrical genius. He’s written worked with & recorded with many talented artist such as Reggae/Pop sensation Audrey Hall, Pop/R&B/Latin singer/songwriter Maxx Mosy & Ragga Soca/Dancehall artist Cleevie D. Here are some great songs we’ve recorded with Papa Keen “Get Away” “In New York” “Famous” among others, soon to be released.

Let’s talk about GIA also a lyrical genius with a perfectly timed rhythmic flow. GIA is a Pop/R&B singer/songwriter/model/actress. Gia has performed & modeled in different venues around N.Y. She is very talented animated & fun be around. Here are some of the stylish & catchy songs we recorded with Miss GIA “Come Over” “Goin Crazy” “Breath & Release” among others, soon to be released.

There’s also Jessie a latin pop singer/songwriter who also rides the rhythm like a drummer playing in a marching band. Jessie & her smooth rhythmic catchy flow always grabs the attention of those listening. Jessie is also a model & she’s appeared in music videos. Look out for Jessie’s single “Tu Amor” & it’s remix soon to be released.

We’ve also had the opportunity to work with & record songs with the very talented & powerful singers Natia & Teona. Natia & Teona have been singing & performing since they were little girls. They come from a very talented family. Their Dad Badri is an accomplished Viola player, their Mom Tamara is an accomplished piano player & teacher, their aunt Nani also a very accomplished piano player & teacher. Their grandmother Natela God Bless her soul was a very accomplished singer & vocal coach in Europe & here in America with vocal skills equivalent to Aretha Franklin. She taught her girls well, from their young teens they could belt out any song with the same power style & vocal capabilities of many of the greatest singers of our time. Their family is full of love & talent. RIP to their beautiful grandmother Natela. Here are some of the great songs we recorded with Natia & Teona “Can We Talk” & “Girlfriend”, soon to be remixed & released.

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