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As the music industry grows, so do the number of resources available to artists. Without the right guidance and direction, however, the road to success can be hard to find. That’s where In Fx Ent comes in. Specializing in talent development and artist representation, we are the guides you need. Call us at (917) 645-6830 today.

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Every Musician Needs the Help of a Music Management Firm

Music and marketing are two very different things. With the time and energy needed to craft a memorable song that resonates with millions, it is unrealistic to expect that you get the song out to all those who need to hear it.

If you’re an aspiring songwriter, singer, or entertainer, you need someone who can get your song onto streaming platforms, playlists, radio stations, and to eager listeners. You need someone who can not only sell a song, but also sell a singer.

That is where the team at In Fx Ent comes in.

We Invite You to Join the Team at Our Talent Agency

Also known as IN FULL EFFECT ENTERTAINMENT, we are a music production company whose home base shifts between the tri-state area, ensuring we are able to work with the best talent from all over.

Our company was created by industry veterans Rob Steel, IPhree, and Al G. With experience working with Orion Pictures, Warner Music, Capitol, and Virgin Records, Rob has done marketing and promotions for a wide variety of artists such as LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, and a variety of other chart-topping artists.

Talent Development: We Believe in Nurturing Our Artists

In the past, record labels and agencies only had the patience for artists who skyrocketed to success immediately upon being signed. Those that didn’t have the same rapid ascend to stardom were discarded and left behind.

These days, most talent agencies have caught onto the importance of nurturing artists. Rather than demand that you write a dozen songs at a frenzied pace, we want to give you space, time, and resources to develop your sound.

When we invest in you, we are thinking of the bigger picture.

A Music Agency Whose Team Is Responsible for the Biggest Hits

At our studio locations, we have a team of musicians, producers, and engineers ready to invest their energy in your success, so long as you are ready to do the same.

Our session players have worked with everyone from the greats of the RnB world to reggae greats such as Audrey Hall.

An Artist Agency That Is Interested in Art, Not Commerce

There are enough agencies out there simply interested in the bottom line. We’ll let them worry about that while we focus on what’s really important.

Sometimes All It Takes Is Some Talent Management to Bring Out the Best in You

If you are looking for quality artistic representation, we invite you to contact us. Now that you’ve learned a little about us, we can’t wait to learn about you. Schedule an appointment by contacting our team at (917) 645-6830 today.

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