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If you are looking for a studio fully fitted with in-house engineers, producers, session musicians, and composers, look no further than the creative and collaborative team at In Fx Ent. Through passion and persistence, we’re capable of helping you harness your creative vision. Request a visit to our studio by calling (917) 645-6830 today.

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Make Your Songs Come to Life in a Music Recording Studio

They say every good song will eventually find its audience. Here at In Fx Ent, we make sure it finds the most receptive and widest audience possible.

We’re the music production company founded by a team of long-established musicians, producers, promotion directors, and songwriters. We’re not here to make a name for ourselves—we’re here to make a name for you. Call us today to learn more about our creative family.

Audio Engineers: We’ve Worked with the Best—Let Us Include You on That List

With the best recording equipment, Dyn Audio monitors and high-quality JBL studio monitors, our in-house mixers get to work on highlighting your material’s strong points and making your song come to life.

Our team has worked with artists, such as Peggy Sendars, Audrey Hall, and Babyface to name a few. Through working with titans of the Caribbean, Reggae, Pop, and Hip-hop world, we’ve learned how great artists operate, and we’ve gained a reputation of our own in the process. When we work with you, we bring the same professionalism that we’ve brought to artists from all tiers of the industry.

Work with the Best Musicians and Producers at Our Music Studio

Our in-house musicians aren’t just highly regarded in small circles, they’ve won Grammy awards, they’ve studied with Ravi Coltrane, they’re recorded with legendary rappers like Biggie Smalls, and more.

Our Record Producers Only Rely on the Best Audio Recording Equipment

In our studio we work with recording software, such as Logic Pro Audio, Pro Tool, Korg Gadget, Pro Tools, Reason, and Garageband. When it comes time to mix your material, we rely on Waves eMotion Stereo Channel Mixing software.

When it comes to actually recording your songs, we do more than just stick you in a booth with an SM-57 or budget-brand microphone with a broken pop filter. We use AGK and Audio Technica microphones for their versatility and ability to capture even the most subtle characteristics of instruments and voices.

Work with a Sound Engineer Who Understands What You’re Trying to Say

We aren’t going to take the reins on your project. We are here to bring out the best in your music. We serve you, and most importantly, we operate in service of the song itself.

Request a Session with Our Music Production Crew Today

When you work with us, we give you more than a microphone and a limited chunk of time to realize your dreams. Here at In Fx Ent it’s all hands-on deck. Our engineers, vocalists, session musicians, and songwriters will help you. Call us at (917) 645-6830 today.

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